Friday, April 16, 2010

Notes from the week

Wednesday evening our run of good health (2 1/2 weeks!) came to a halt with the arrival of Anna's cold and Isaac's fever. Is this the same illness with different presentations? If so, how interesting! If not, I imagine our housebound status will be extended as they catch each other's illnesses. So sad because, again, Anna's fun weekend (gymnastics, Pinnochio at the children's theater, a sleep over at grandma's house) is likely canceled. It has been replaced with the usual uncertainty of whether or not to give Anna a shot of her nebulizer, as well as a desire for a decent stethescope (sp?) so I can hear whether she's wheezing.
Blah. Anyway, my energy level is low so thought I'd just post a few random tidbits from the week.
  • Sweeping is never truly done.
  • Whyyyyyyyy dooooooooo threeeeeeee yeeeeeaaaaaaarrrr oooooooolds taaaaaaaaaaaaake sooooooo looooooooong tooooooo dooooooooo aaaaaaanyyyyyythiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg?
  • New plan for 3yo: Slowly count to 5 after requesting an action. If action remains incomplete at this time, repeat. Threaten time out. Time out.
  • Things that don't go well with sand: diapers, sun screen, siblings, drool.
  • Babies with fevers are the saddest thing ever.
  • Thank you, Isaac for putting away your toys. However, they do not live in the garbage can.
  • Spring in CO is windy. Crazy windy. Luckily, no lawn furniture has been lost thus far.
  • Isaac lasted a whole hour at a babysitter's house without crying. Yay!
  • Working out more regularly the past three weeks. I suspect this is unlikely to continue.
  • Why is food yucky when baby is in the high chair, but tasty when it is on the floor?
  • Isaac has started biting mommy all over. When Anna did that, I responded with a stern "no." Very effective. In contrast, Isaac just giggles at the "no." Suggestions?
  • Considering a larger vehicle (crossover? minivan?) after realizing that we may be unable to fit everything for our vacation in our car. Also, it's a bummer to have to wedge myself into the backseat, between car seats, whenever Mom or Dad flies down. I like our high mpg cars, and I hate car payments, so this is a big paradigm shift for me. Stay tuned.
  • If birds are brave enough to build a nest on my porch light, beside the giant plastic owl that I recently erected to prevent this behavior, they should be allowed to stay.
  • Have a great desire to plant raspberries. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Fine Time

It's the end of my mom's 2-week visit, so after her departure tomorrow I am expecting a post-Christmas level of blues. I wish my family lived closer. On the other hand, when they visit it's a good excuse to do all the fun things I feel I don't usually have time for. And when mom, in particular, visits it's also a good time to get in some extra cleaning and organizing. For example, I finally switched the master bedroom and rumpus-room closets (you may recall that we moved into the spare room and turned the master bedroom into an office/craft/play space). I'm really liking the new rumpus room thing we have going. Eventually I hope we can get a TV up there so I can work on my scrapbooks while unwinding.

[Speaking of the upstairs reminds me of the rather horrible thing that occurred early last week: we exchanged our bed. Turns out my wonderful soft soft soft pillow top was slowly turning Jon's neck into a knotted pretzel. Good-bye pillow top, hello plush. It's still okay, but now it's just an average bed. I've never been so sad to exchange anything in my life. Guess I really love the guy.]

Other productive and/or fun events included the zoo, a picnic in the park, kid-free dinner out with friends, kid-free shopping (shoes with actual heels were purchased; now I need something to wear with the shoes), working out (not necessarily fun, but certainly productive), and a few hours at a near-by indoor play area (surely a virus was contracted and will soon be making its presence known).

The zoo was extra fun since Jon took the day off to join us. Now that Isaac is walking he's less content in the stroller, so it was nice to have a third adult to take him around. Isaac's toddle got a few stares and giggles, which surprised me. But I forget that he's a little small for his age, and an early walker at that. Not to mention the cloth diapers which make his bottom HUGE, giving him quite the waddle. It's super-cute. Our visits are also running more smoothly since I've finally adapted to Anna's expectations. For her, the zoo = riding on the merry-go-round + picnic. Apparently, the animals are merely a side benefit. So we do those things early on, and then everyone is happy.

A picnic in the park was also a big success. Anna found a little girl her age and they hit it off wonderfully. It was such a joy to see the two little girls holding hands and running together, sharing cookies, and playing in the sand. I find the emergence from parallel play to social interaction interesting to watch. Two little people meet and just start playing together, working out a rudimentary give-and-take, and verbalizing social norms ("I'll go first, then you get a turn, then I'll get a turn"). I love how there's no small talk - they just dive right in. It makes me so excited to think that Anna's going to start preschool in the fall, if only for the opportunity to find a bosom friend.

Dinner with friends also merits mention since it occurred to Jon and I that we hadn't done that since we lived in Connecticut. I suppose that sounds a little sad, but when I think of all the logistics in going out for a child-free anything (sitters! planning ahead!) and how tired I am at the end of the day, it doesn't sound sad. It sounds practical. And anyway, this complicated stage of life won't last forever. I'm just saving up until then.

In the midst of all this, Easter occurred. Anna began to grasp the larger significance, thank in part to a great children's devotional offered by the church. Every night after dinner we'd do a little object lesson and read some scripture. She really enjoyed it, so I'm in the market for a good preschool-level devotional guide. Any suggestions?
We also decorated eggs, which took all of 3 minutes. Anna simply plopped each egg into a different color and declared her task finished. Maybe next year we can extend her interest to 5 minutes, or at least as long as it takes to set up the dyes. Easter Sunday saw Jon's whole family over for dinner and an egg hunt. This was so much fun! I love having a full house for holidays, even with all the craziness that ensues.

In short, it was a busy, fun, full, wonderful two weeks. Come again soon, Mom.