Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brush round and round

I love toothbrushes. And not in the traditional sense (as any dentist who looks at my gums will attest, toothbrushes are very bad for me). In fact, toothbrushes are little cleaning machines. They make baseboards shine, remove gunk from that little section at the bottom of windows, and maneuver into the corners of bath tubs and showers without damaging the grout. You know those details that add "character" and "depth" to cupboards and doors? Toothbrushes clean those, too. Yes, they are a wonder.

I ponder the many uses of toothbrushes whenever I'm using them, which has been a lot lately. I have cleaned every surface of my house, except for the inside of the windows (and those icky bottom gutters) which my Mom just about killed herself cleaning. Yes, this house shines like a new penny, de-cluttered and deep cleaned. We still don't know for sure if we're moving, but today I'm giving the probability a solid 90%. That's why I'm cleaning with obsessive abandon, giving in fully to my deepest cleaning desires. Our house doesn't have many bells and whistles (no granite counter tops here, and who needs new carpet with little kiddos running around?) so I want to ensure that what we do have is fully functional and sparkly clean.

To that end, Jon and my dad have also been busy doing all the home repair that I'd rather not think through. Today was please-don't-electrocute-yourself day, with sockets and light switches and light covers repaired and replaced. Both Jon and my dad are pretty handy, and they seem to enjoy home repair. More power to 'em.

Of course, when my folks first planned this visit we didn't think we'd be moving at all. While I'm thankful for their help, I feel bad that this has been more of a working vacation for them. So we've been sure to squeeze in some fun things. We had a rollicking good Un-Birthday Party with the Mad Hatter (Jon's aunt, who is a party planning phenom), enjoyed Anna's final dance recital (and good riddance), and went swimming outside (outside!) in this ridiculously warm weather. The latter was at a nearby hotel that Jon and I stayed at last night. My parents graciously offered to look after the kids while Jon and I took a night off, so after we checked in everyone played in the pool for awhile. (And to think it may snow tomorrow! Crazy weather.)

Today we decorated Easter eggs and will have a lovely turkey dinner followed by an egg hunt. Not a bad way to spend Palm Sunday. Since Mom is flying out on Thursday it is nice to have an early Easter celebration together. And who knows? There may be snow on the ground by next week, negating an outside egg hunt. As we've discovered, anything is possible.